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Deb Rubin intensive in Helsinki, Finland 19.-20.10.2013

My blog is usually in Finnish, but since I am proudly presenting an international Tribal Fusion bellydance star Deb Rubin, the Queen of Slink from San Francisco, English seems more appropriate. As a matter of fact there are already dancers registered to come from nearby countries to share the joy with us here in Finland.
Luckily I managed to book a spacious studio, so there are still some places left to grab! The classes will be taught in English, but I am happy to translate (to Finnish) if necessary.
Here are the full workshop descriptions;

All workshops take place in Kaapelitehdas, Ruoholahti, in a professional level dance studio.
Prices for two-hour workshops are 50€ and three-hour workshops cost 70€. If you take the whole weekend package of 10 hours, it is all together 200€.
If you have not registered yet, and want to participate, send me an email in! Payment options are invoicing (bank transfer) and paypal. Registrations are binding and there are no refunds unless the event is cancelled by the organizer. In that case the full payment will be returned.

Here are some videos representing Debs style.

There was some other videos in my mind too, but for some reason the blogs search does not find them in youtube. Go look for more yourselves! :)

So, I warmly welcome you to join the fun! Although Deb is a Tribal Fusionista, her workshops offer a lot to other style bellydancers too, and there is a lot of dancers body care included in the pack. There will be a show - Underground Cabaret vol.2 - too on Friday 18.10, so mark your calendars and stay tuned :) You can also find the event in facebook, click here

Photo Michael Linnas

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