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Tribal Summer Camp 2015 opettajat / teachers

Because of the international nature of the festival, I will write this post in English. The teaching in the workshops will also be in English, but so far it has not seem to be a problem. If you feel uncertain, I'll be around to translate if you have questions.

So far we have had guest teachers from Sweden, Estonia and Slovakia, and this year I can add Great-Britain and Germany to the list. I will introduce them a bit, but you can learn more about them through their websites.

Alexis Southall, photo Sequoia Emmanuelle

Alexis Southall is a Tribal Fusion artist from Wolverhampton, and she is continually travelling around the world teaching, studying, performing and collaborating with other artists. Besides all that and teaching locally she is also an event organizer, and has hosted several Tribal Fusion stars in her festival, Infusion Emporium. I visited IE in 2012, you can read my blog post about it here (sorry, it is in Finnish, but among other things it has a funny story in it how Illan was teaching about peripheral vision and awareness and as he was talking he accidentally stepped on my toes).
Alexis has certifications in level 3 Unmata ITS teacher, Jamila Salimpour level 1 and FCBD General Skills (ATS). She has collaborated with numerous leading artists of our dance style, and among other works has lately danced in Zoe Jakes House of Tarot-, Kami Liddles Stardust Follies- and Jillinas Bellydance Evolution-shows. Alexis is also a troupe director, she has a project based group "Juniper Project" that she choreographs, and an ITS group "Wreck It".
Alexis Southall is going to be teaching four worshops during the TSCF festival, ITS Unmata style, "Open Up for Arm-ageddon", "Fusion Revolution" and "Folk It!". An interesting and fun package to all bellydancers! Learn more about Alexis here. 

And check out this video presentation.

Josefine Wandel
Josefine Wandel is a dancer and teacher living in Berlin, and she does both Tribal Fusion and Indian Fusion Dance. She regularly travels to Pushkar, India to study Indian dance with Colleena Shakti in Shakti School of Dance. Josefine teaches in Tribal Dance Academy in Berlin, directs her troupe Mohak Devi and also organises "Tribal Noir"-event in Berlin.
Josefine Wandel will be teaching three workshops during the weekend, Indian Fusion Basics, Vintage Indian Fusion and Khalbelia Fusion. These workshops will surely attract not only bellydancers, but also dancers of all the various Indian dances!
Get to know all the awesomeness that is Josefine, check out her website here.

Here is a fresh promo video from her.

To see the workshop schedule, prices and how to register, go see my previous post.

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